S2ENT Enhanced S2 S2SAT succ-circuit Examples succ-rec Examples abduced Examples Recursive-simple (SV-COMP 2015)

Glib Files (original)
  1. Satisfiability Solving for Separation Logic with Invariant Generation. Q.L. Le, L.H. Pham, W.-N. Chin.
  2. Shape analysis via second-order bi-abduction. Q.L. Le, C. Gherghina, S. Qin, and W.-N. Chin. CAV, 2014. Technical Report
  3. Synthesizing Shape Predicate via Second-Order Bi-Abduction . Q.L. Le, C. Gherghina,S. Qin, and W.-N. Chin. APLAS (poster and demo), 2013.
  4. Bi-Abduction with Pure Properties for Specification Inference. MT Trinh, Q.L. Le, C. David, W.-N. Chin. APLAS, 2013. Technical Report
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