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The goal of this two-days workshop is to provide an informal forum for generating interactions and collaborations on programming languages and systems. Strongly encouraged are proposals of new, speculative ideas, evaluations of new techniques in practical settings, and discussions of emerging results and important problems.

We are calling for short talks that give a brief and clear explanation of basic ideas, emerging results, new problems, or new directions. Each talk is meant to be on latest research topics, and can include work that are not yet published or have been recently published.

No formal proceedings will be published. Abstracts and slides will be available online.

The workshop will be held immediately after APLAS 2016 end in Hanoi at noon on 23 Nov 2016.

The entire program will be held at a hotel in Halong Bay, followed by an overnight cruise. We will have a limited number of 20-mins talks, followed by a number of short 10-mins position talks during this workshop.

Submission Format and Deadlines

Please submit a 1 page abstract to the EasyChair link below:


Submission Deadline : 1st Sept 2016
Notification Deadline : 15th Sept 2016

The abstracts of the talks can be downloaded from HERE.


23 Nov 2016
2-5pm Bus leave from Hanoi (APLAS16 hotel) to Halong Bay
7pm Check into workshop hotel - Novotel Ha Long Bay
24 Nov 2016
8.30-10am Session 1: Certified Software. Chair: Truong Anh Hoang
(in Novotel Ha Long Bay hotel)
Sandrine Blazy.
Towards a security-enhancing formally-verified compiler
Hanru Jiang, Hongjin Liang and Xinyu Feng.
Towards Certified Compositional Compilation for Concurrent Programs
Makoto Tatsuta, Daisuke Kimura and Koji Nakazawa.
Cyclic-Proof-Based Decision Procedure for Symbolic Heaps and Inductive Definitions
Yuxi Fu.
Theory of Interaction
10.30-11.30am    Session 2: Software Analysis. Chair: Wei-Ngan Chin
(in Novotel Ha Long Bay hotel)
Zhenjiang Hu.
What is Science of Software Change?
Kazunori Ueda, Kenichi Betsuno and Shota Matsumoto.
Symbolic Analysis of Parametric Hybrid Systems Involving Numerous Discrete Changes
Anthony Widjaja Lin.
Theories over Strings for Analysing XSS Vulnerabilities
1-2pm Lunch
2-3pm Session 3: Type System . Chair: Zhenjiang Hu
(on Galaxy Premium Cruise)
Oleg Kiselyov.
Having an Effect
Atsushi Igarashi.
Polymorphic Gradual Typing
Peter Thiemann.
Blame for Hybrid Typing
6-7pm Dinner. Overnight on cruise boat - twin sharing
25 Nov 2016
9-10am Session 4: Specification Logic. Chair: Atsushi Igarashi
(on Galaxy Premium Cruise)
Hans Hüttel, António Ravara, Mario Bravetti and Adrian Francalanza.
Specifying and Inferring Method and Field Usages for a Java-like Programming Language
Andreea Costea.
A Logic for Multiparty Session Protocols with Resource Handling
Beniamino Accattoli.
A Taste of COCA HOLA
12-1pm Lunch
1-5pm Coach from Halong Bay to Hanoi stop at airport (5pm), followed by Hanoi city (6pm)


  • Wei-Ngan Chin (National University of Singapore)
  • Zhenjiang Hu (National Institute of Informatics)
  • Truong Anh Hoang, (University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam)