Omega++'s Terms of Usage

Omega++ 1.0 software release is freely available for academic and non-commercial use.
For third party software, their original usage/licensing requirements apply.

Latest Omega++'s virtual machine [Download (~5.6GB md5sum 4afb66d65bfa442726717844f46eb7b6)]
The "ova" VM image (Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop host) consists of Omega++ (executables, examples, and benchmarks) and prerequisite software pre-installed. A brief manual for Omega++'s usage can be found inside the image. The image can be imported into existing VM software such as VirtualBox (recommended) and VMWare. Although the image was tested on VirtualBox, it should also work with VMWare and others. The instructions for importing the image into VirtualBox can be found here.

Technical Report

Omega++'s Description